Welcome to Pelagic Autopilots. Breathe new life into your old below deck autopilot by upgrading to the Pelagic PA3 electronics. Call or email us for details.

Below Deck Solutions

Pelagic below deck systems combine the Pelagic Heavy-Duty Electronics package with the Pelagic Hydraulic Linear Actuators. The actuators and rudder sensors are manufactured in the UK and are the same offered by our more expensive competition.

Suitable for boats up to 52 feet (15.5m), their small footprint and integrated design provide the power and reliability of a hydraulic system without external hoses and reservoirs. The systems include the rudder reference/feedback unit that mounts directly onto the actuator simplifying the installation.

Designed for ease of installation, the units are supplied with a quick release mount, tiller bolt (for attaching to quadrant or similar) and fitting kit.

As an alternative, consider upgrading your aging electronics with the Pelagic Heavy-Duty Electronics package. In this application, your existing below decks ram and rudder sensor would continue to be used.

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