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Remote Control Upgrade and Remote Controls $95 - $225 - In stock

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The best part of having an autopilot is not being tied to the helm. Extend your reach by upgrading to a wireless remote control for the Pelagic Autopilot. The remote will give you the same two increments of course change as your control head (2° and 95°) plus two additional increments of course change - 10° and 25°. 

The upgrade package for existing installations includes the wireless receiver (to be owner-installed inside the white control box) and two remote controls.

The factory option for new orders includes the wireless receiver (installed at factory) and your choice of one or two remotes. 

Additional remote controls can be ordered as part of the upgrade package or individually. 

In September 2019, a learning (paired) remote was added to the product line and the non-learning remote was discontinued. If your Pelagic system shipped after September 2019, you can easily add a new remote or the remote system to your controller as shown on this page. However, adding the remote control option to systems shipped prior to September 2019 requires a return to factory. Please contact us with any questions on this!