Dufour-30, Paul Trammels Experience:  http://pelagicautopilot.com/paul-sails-st-petersburg-to-st-augustine-under-pelagic-steering-shares-video/

Pelagic Autopilots assist Single Handed Trans Pacific race leaders to the finish line. http://pelagicautopilot.com/pelagic-helps-steer-single-handed-trans-pacific-race-to-victory/

The Alajuela 38 s/v Slainte chooses the Pelagic AP for motoring. http://pelagicautopilot.com/alajuela-38-sv-aliante-sails-from-seattle-to-san-francisco/

Dan describes his recent installation of the Pelagic Tiller Actuator on s/v Great White here: http://svgreatwhite.blogspot.com/2016/03/the-pelagic-autopilot.html?

Jeff Goff reports from Florida that his Vardo custom built cat has logged 1200 miles off the Florida Coast using the Pelagic AP and tiller actuator.  Jeff has plans to put another 2000 miles on the boat and AP over the fall sailing season. http://sailingcatamarans.blogspot.ca/

Wind following mode interfaced to B & G instruments under test on s/v Domino.  SF Bay – Gusty Conditions  https://plus.google.com/100809239060495358328/posts/4z2WgmvquCY

The full keel Westsail 32, Tortuga, uses a Pelagic Tiller actuator as the primary autopilot steering device. Randy indicates that the device works very well on the 19500 lb (8850 kg)  vessel with  a stern hung rudder.

J88 Vintus takes third place in Solo 400 mile offshore race Dr Chris Cartwright at sea with the PelagicAP  Showing Tiller Actuator

Olson 34 Temerity Wins Solo 400 mile Offshore Race   TemerityLongPacJuly 15  Dave’s Long Pac short video

Westsail Tiller Actuator and AP Installation

Valiant 40 sets off for a Pacific Cruise – Carl’s s/v Renaissance http://pelagicautopilot.com/valiant-40-renaissance-uses-pelagic-in-pacific-cruise/

Michael Poor’s installation on the Westsail 32 

The Amel 46, “Echapee”  uses the Pelagic Autopilot to steer the center cockpit vessel.  Autopilot Steering Heavy Displacement Cruiser

Pacific Seacraft 37, “Owl” demonstrates Windvane Steering   Monitor Windvane and M*RUD

Express 27 Elise using the Autopilot in 400 mile Qualifying Event Preparing for Solo Race to Hawaii – 2014

Installation of the Tiller actuator on J92 Rag Time Bob’s J92 Installation

Tiller Wand Express 27 #44 Offshore Express 27 #44 Offshore Cruise

Tiller Wand in Action on Martin 32   Martin 32