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Complete Below Deck System

PA7 Pelagic Autopilot Compact Below Deck System. Ships in within 7 business days.

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This system combines the Pelagic Heavy-Duty Electronics package with the Compact Pelagic Compact Hydraulic Linear Actuator. The actuator and rudder sensor are manufactured in the UK and are the same offered by our more expensive competition.

Suitable for boats up to 45 feet (13.5m), it is a great replacement for your under-powered wheel pilots. Its small footprint and integrated design provide the power and reliability of a hydraulic system without external hoses and reservoirs. Ideal for boats where below decks space is limited.

Designed for ease of installation, the unit is supplied with a quick release mount, tiller bolt (for attaching to quadrant or similar) and fitting kit. 

The unit includes the rudder reference/feedback unit that mounts directly onto the actuator, simplifying installation.

The control head can be mounted in 4 different orientations; stern facing (the most popular and shown in the above photo), bow facing, port facing or starboard facing. This is the direction that the buttons on the control panel face. To simplify installation, we preset this at the factory but you can easily change this once onboard without having to recalibrate the system. When placing your order, specify your preferred orientation. 

The black drive box is designed for higher amperage systems and includes temperature sensing, status lights and heatsink.

System Includes:  

  • Control head with internal compass/gyros with controls on front panel
  • Heavy duty motor drive electronics unit 
  • Pelagic Compact Hydraulic Linear Actuator
  • Rudder sensor
  • 20' IP68 quick connect data cable for connecting the control and motor drive units
Available Options:  
  • Wireless remote control (see accessories) 
    • Adds support for course changes of 10° and 25°
    • Adds support for rudder indicator feature
  • Fabric cover for control head (see accessories) 
  • Data from nine MEMS sensors monitor the vessel's attitude and is used to adjust course and to compensate for roll, pitch, and yaw.
  • NMEA 0183 data can be monitored to enable wind direction steering.
  • A simple user interface is implemented in a watertight control head. 
  • Support for 2°, 10°, 25° and 95° course adjustment
    • 10° and 25° course adjustments require use of optional wireless remote
  • Dimmable LED lamps indicate system status.
  • Low voltage indicator
  • The control head and motor drive are housed in IP watertight enclosures.
  • Stroke: 8"

     Pelagic Warranty: One year