Pelagic Autopilot News: Practical Sailor gives Pelagic Best Choice award and 59° North Sailing has installed Pelagic onboard their Farr 65, FALKEN and Swan 48, ISJBORN!

Practical Sailor magazine gives Pelagic Best Choice award!

Practical Sailor magazine had a great write up around tiller pilots in their September '23 issue with lots of great feedback for the Pelagic Autopilot. The Pelagic Standard Autopilot got the high marks for “Best Choice” and the Pelagic Heavy Autopilot received the “Recommended” rating in their Value Guide.

“Offshore sailors rate the Pelagic Hybrid system high for durability and ease of maintenance. The price is attractive. If you have a larger, heavier boat with high tiller loads (or an installation with short leverage) talk with Pelagic about the Heavy Tiller Pilot, which is very similar, with a stronger actuator and slightly higher power consumption. Even smaller boats, well within the self-contained tiller pilot range, will benefit from greatly reduced yawing off the wind, at the cost of slightly greater power consumption.” 

Pelagic has a system for just about any tiller steered vessel. Depending on the rudder configuration, tiller steered boats may also be able to utilize a below decks system. Which system is right for you? Email or call us to discuss.