Autopilot Controller and Motor Drive (lead time is 4 weeks currently)

Autopilot Controller and Motor Drive (lead time is 4 weeks currently)

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Upgrade your existing below deck or tiller autopilot system with our state of the art 9-axis gyro controller. Increase accuracy and dependability.

Our autopilot controller uses data from the internal roll, pitch, and yaw gyros to monitor and predict boat movement in any sea state, regardless if you are surfing downwind, or beating against the tradewinds. It's internal compass works as long as it maintains a 12 volt power source and is completely independent of any other system on your vessel, so you know that the autopilot will keep you on course long after your chart plotter gives out.

For those wishing to sail the highest course or maintain sheeting angles despite compass headings, The Pelagic System can incorporate your Nmea 0183 or 2k apparent wind data as well. 

The Pelagic system is trusted by offshore sailors around the world, install one on your boat today for better performance and safety at sea.

What is included:

+ Autopilot Control head with front panel.

+ Power electronics for drive of your existing rudder drive mechanism.

+ Options available:  Remote control, Control head cover. 


– Adaptive algorithm’s adjust power level to conditions.

– Data from nine MEMS sensors monitor the  vessels attitude and is used to adjust course and to compensate for roll, pitch, and yaw.

– Flexible drive electronics allows operation with existing wheel, below deck hydraulics, and tiller drive installations.

– NMEA 0183  can be monitored to enable wind direction steering. Add a NMEA 2K converter for tracking 2K bus data.

– Wireless remote control is available.

– Drive large motors/pumps (type 1 or 2) or linear actuators, up to 25 amp.

– A simple user interface is implemented in a watertight control head. Dim-able  LEDs indicate status.

– Implemented in two enclosures, a water tight control head, and a motor driver IP65 rate enclosure.